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Papatsyvili lake

Dadianis garden



Dadianis' Palace

Get acquainted with Zugdidi, its traditions, history and Dadianis's Palace


The web site was created in order to give you brief information on Zugdidi and its historical places. Unfortunately we are not historians and information posted on the website was provided to us by local people and reflect our impressions.

What you should see first of all, unforgettable garden and Dadiani Palace >>>


It is prohibited to take photos in the museum, thus we can not provide you with corresponding photos

If you take a road towards Jvari in one hour and a half you will reach the biggest hydroelectric power plant of Georgia called as Engurhesi. The construction is placed on  the river Enguri and creates impressive lake behind it. The Engurhesi road is directing to Svaneti region.

Road to Abkhazeti

'Enguri bridge'


As you know Zugdidi is bordering Abkhazeti.

Here is given the photo of Enguri bridge. This is the border which we could not pass lacking relevant permissions and documents.



Dadiani's family was the most powerful feudal house in western Georgia governing also Svaneti and Guria.

Zugdidi (Georgian ზუგდიდი) is a city in the Western Georgian historical province of Mingrelia (Samegrelo). The city serves as centre of the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.


City has famous Dadiani Palace with its unique park. The Palace now is a museum in which you can find extraordinary historic collections. For example 
Napoleon Bonaparte's death mask is kept here.

In 1557, Duke Levan I Dadiani became hereditary Prince (mtavari) of Mingrelia and established himself as an independent ruler. His descendant Prince Levan III Dadiani was forced to abdicate in 1691 and Dadianis relatives from the Chikovani (ჩიქოვანი in Georgian) family inherited the title of Princes of Mingrelia and the surname of Dadiani.


Read about the legend of Papatsyvili lake and see its beautiful shores>>>


Dadianis' Palace

Dadiani's garden

Papatsyvili lake


Photo gallery

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The web site was created
in September 2007






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