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Papantsyvili lake

Dadianis garden



Dadiani's Tower



Nowadays the garden is devided on two parts. Next to the palace buildings there is a church in the front yard. Here you will find fountains and benches in front of the Palace.

From the right side from the palace you will find the nice two floor house for servants. Contrary to the style of the palace the servants house is built in pure Georgian traditional architectural style.

Behind the servants house you can enter the backyard, which is actually called as zoological park. In fact it is famous Dadianis' garden where you can stroll all day long. It covers 26 hectare.

The garden has extraordinary collection of trees and plants brought from France, Italy, America and Asian countries during lifetime of E. Chavchavadze and D. Dadiani.

It is also famous for its lake and water supply system.

Alleys of the park are mainly made from willows. The ruins are drowning in greenery. It is believed that if you make a wish in the alley located from the front (right)  side of the Dadianis' Palace it will come true.



Dadianis' Palace

Dadiani's garden

Papatsyvili lake


Photo gallery

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